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Monday, October 12, 2009

Coolpix P90

Phillip and I decided to splurge for each other's birthday this year. For the past year, the only cameras we had were our phone cameras. Always accessible, but not great photography. We empty-nesters wanted a common hobby, and our children, quite understandably, would prefer not to have us stalk them for our own amusement. So... We went camera shopping yesterday. Our plan: stop at Best Buy and then head over to Sam's for a lazy afternoon of wise comparison shopping. I have my handy App on the iPhone so we can carefully choose the perfect camera in our price range, and then order one online at the perfect price.
Phillip dropped me off at the door of Best Buy and I headed to look at the TVs and wait for him. After a few moments of browsing, I found him at the camera section with a Coolpix P90 in his hands. I could tell, this was The One. It had a 64X somm lens. It had a digital monitor that tilts for taking pictures from different angles. It had video with sound and it looked cool. We bought that sucker so fast that the sales associate probably had heart palpitations. Here is my first, and quite mundane, video with sound. Unless you want to virtually experience a little drive down our street, don't bother viewing it. Notice the lovely toe prints on the front windshield.

Here is a picture of Nelson Park with the telephoto lens setting.

And the same view with the wide angle lens setting.

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